'20-21 Prizm NBA Hobby FOTL 3 Random Tiered Teams #3 (est 4/9 break)

'20-21 Prizm NBA Hobby FOTL 3 Random Tiered Teams #3 (est 4/9 break)

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**Each spot will give you 3 random TIERED teams**

What We're Breaking: 1 '20-21 Prizm NBA Hobby FOTL Box

Target Break Date: We expect the boxes to arrive around 4/9 and will break then. However, this may change. Check our Instagram page for updates.

Where We're Breaking: Live on YouTube 

How Teams Are Assigned: Every spot will give you three random teams, one from each tier. You will get one Tier 1 team, one Tier 2 team, and one Tier 3 team. Everyone will get a great team! Teams will be randomly assigned using a random generator before the cards are opened on our YouTube stream. There is no difference between "Spot 1", "Spot 2", "Spot 3", etc.

Tier 1: Hornets, TWolves, Lakers, Knicks, Kings, Warriors, Pistons, Bulls, Grizzlies, Pelicans

Tier 2: Wizards, Magic, Cavaliers, Celtics, 76ers, Heat, Thunder, Hawks, Spurs, Nets

Tier 3: Bucks, Mavericks, Nuggets, Clippers, Suns, Rockets, Jazz, Trail Blazers, Raptors, Pacers

What Ships: Every card from the team(s) you are assigned. If no cards are pulled for your teams, nothing will ship.

From Panini: Sell Sheet. Prizm is back and better than ever with a highly anticipated draft class! On average, each 1st Off the Line box delivers 2 Exclusive Shimmer Prizms, 2 Autographs, 22 Prizms, and 10 inserts! Look for the popular the Black, Black Gold, Gold and Mojo prizms! Find the top players from around the league including the new 2020 draft class! Find autographs of top NBA Players including Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Stephen Curry, Trae Young and more in Prizm Signatures! Look for a variety of parallels including the 1-of-1 Black parallel! Relive the inception of Prizm in Prizm Flashback! This set presents 15 of the top players from across the league on the 2012-13 Prizm design, where everything started! Look for a variety of parallels, including the 1-of-1 Black parallel! Prizm presents one of the top collecting experiences of the year! Look for a 300-card base set that covers all 30 teams, and a variety of insert sets including Downtown Bound, Fireworks, Widescreen and Fearless!

Here is the Checklist. These are how the cards will be split into the 30 teams.

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