New to Card Breaks?

 Welcome to The Lab! Here is some general information about sports cards breaks and the types of breaks we do at The Lab. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, DM us on Instagram, or chat with us on the stream. Good luck!

What is a group break?

  • A group break is essentially a way for a group of people to split large boxes of cards. In our breaks, the cards are split up by the team.
  • You can purchase slots in the break, which will be assigned to specific teams (sometimes the teams are randomized, sometimes you can pick your team). When you purchase a slot, you're buying the "rights" to a team's cards that are opened during that break.  
  • When the break is full, The Card Lab will open the cards on a live stream.
  • We will ship you all the cards of players that are on your team(s). For example, if you have the Thunder, we will ship you all Thunder cards that were opened during the break.

How do I know which team I am getting?

We run two types of breaks at The Card Lab. Each method is similar, but the difference lies on how teams are assigned:

Random Team Break

  • In a random team group break, you will purchase slots that are identically priced before the case is opened. Your name will be put into a random number generator ( to determine which team(s) you will be assigned to. We randomize this right before the cards are opened (on our stream).
  • For example, if you purchase two slots and those slots are randomly assigned to the Grizzlies and Bulls, you will receive all Grizzlies and Bulls cards that are opened during the break.

PYT Break

  • In a PYT (Pick Your Team) group break, you will have the opportunity to purchase the team(s) you want before the case is opened. These teams are priced differently based on the value of their rookies and star players.
  • For example, if you purchased the Bucks and Magic, you will receive all Bucks and Magic cards that are opened during the break.

Where can I get a spot?

Visit our homepage to see our upcoming breaks

    Where can I watch my break?

    • We will be live on Instagram and YouTube during our breaks. We'd definitely suggest joining in on YouTube for the full experience.
    • Even if you don't have a spot in the break, we'd love for you to join the stream. It's an awesome place to talk cards and sports, and is always entertaining.  

    How do I know which breaks are coming up?

    • On our Homepage, we will have an "Upcoming Breaks" section. These are the breaks that are coming up and will be completed before any of the others ones on the site.
    • On each Product page, we will put an estimated break time. This will give you a good idea of when the product is going to be opened.
    • On our stream, we will be announcing upcoming breaks and providing links to the ones coming up.

    What is a filler?

    • A filler is a lottery system to fill any open spots in a given break. This gives you the chance to get into a break for a lower cost, but a spot is not guaranteed.
    • For example, there may be 3 unsold spots worth $50 each ($150 total). To get the break going, the breaker may announce in the chat that there is a $15, 10 spot filler ($150 total). If you want to participate, drop the number of spots you want in the chat and pay for your spots via PayPal or Venmo to the breaker. The breaker will then randomize the 10 spots and the top 3 will draft the remaining teams/spots on the screen. In this scenario, you have a chance at getting a $50 spot for $15.

    Am I guaranteed to receive cards in a break?

    No. However, we ship all cards for your team(s) in a break. On a break where we are opening up 100+ cards, the odds are that you will receive some. If you do not receive a single card on a given break, please reach out to us and we will be sure to give you something in return.

    What if I have more questions?

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to DM us on Instagram, ask us questions during the stream in the chat, or contact us via email.

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